Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Annual New Year's Clean Up

Here's part of one wall of my studio.

Let's put it this way...it is impossible to take a good picture of my studio because it is so small! And full of stuff....you can't really get into a corner or against a wall. Not to mention the "L" shape. But it's mine! My own place.

It used to be a one-woman, one-cat operation, but right now there's not even enough room for the cat.
I did manage to reveal some of the floor surface during my end-of-the-year UFO attack (to be continued throughout 2008!).
I sent this picture out to my friends, and it was truly heart-warming to get responses like, "It does look really organized" and "It's so nice and neat, don't you just hate to have to use it now?" Obviously these people know the value of a large plastic container and shelving, regardless of the fabric flowing out of control.
I must admit, this is the most straightened up part of the studio...today!

As for C.C., who requested before and after pictures of the Annual Clean Up, just wait. The Clean Up takes a couple days. Here's another wall:
Astute viewers will notice the corner of a pink topped container near the bottom of the picture. That would be one sitting on my ironing board.
Stay tuned for more gory photos, and hopefully some nice cleaned up shots.
That's when I figure out why my camera sucks up battery juice like it's chocolate at the guild meeting.
Oh, such adventures to be had in the coming year!

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