Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Bag is Born

There's never been a Christmas gift returned for being late!

Here is my sister's gift, just finished today. It's approximately 13" tall, 11" wide and 4" deep.
The fabric is a home dec. tapestry remnant with Laurel Burch cats. I found it a local shop and knew it would be great for an elegant tote bag.

The lining fabric (see below!) was a remnant at JoAnn. Although I kept thinking this should have a silky black lining, good sense came in and suggested something light colored so it would be possible to find things inside the bag!

Also in the remnant bin was a piece of soft black vinyl. I have never used that before, but it made a good trim for the pocket edge, bag top, and I also used it on the bottom of the bag as a special touch. It sewed well, and didn't even show pin holes very much.

The handles are also JoAnn, a good length that allows for either on-the-shoulder or in-hand holding. Too bad there wasn't a set in gold to match the cats...well, we can't have everything!

The lining was a bit baggy, so I stitched-in-the-ditch just once on each side. That also helped firm up the inside pocket.

I based the pattern on a leather tote I really like, making it about 1" larger everywhere. All the pieces were straight sided rectangles, so I drew them on freezer paper and the pressed them to the fabric (no pins needed! freezer paper makes a great lasting pattern).

I folded the fabric carefully so all the cats would be right side up! And, by miracle, that's how they are.
This is the new lavendar cutting board that CC gave me for Christmas. I can see any color fabric on it.
What's that red thing in the upper corner? A UFO lurking!!!
It shall be dealt with tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Your sister is SO lucky!


Anonymous said...

Yes - I AM lucky!! I can't wait to get my new bag - perfect for carrying my scripts for my next theatrical project. I just have to wait until Sunnie is finished showing it off!

Anonymous said...

Gina, she showed it off at guild today, so I'd be expecting to receive it very soon. If she doesn't ship it quickly, some savvy quilter's gonna snatch it for herself LOL.