Saturday, January 5, 2008

Best Pressed Starch & more

With the tale-end of a gift card, I got this lovely spray bottle of the starch everyone's been raving about: Mary Ellen's Best Pressed Starch.
It comes in several scents, but I chose the lavendar, my sister's favorite. (That pastel fabric you see will be the lining of her new ritzy tote bag. I'm using that Laurel Burch cats tapestry as the outside).
After using it twice, my studio smells like lavendar. That's not bad, but I'm wondering if I should have purchased the Citrus.
I am really not sure what a "Carribean Breeze" smells like...I am guessing it depends which part of the beach you are on, and when the fishing fleet last came in.

Anyway, this is a very light starch, so it won't be overly stiff. It would not be at all what you think about for a man's business shirt.
It's fun, I like it...but I'm not spending $6.95 (before tax) again.
Not even if you consider it as Aroma Therapy.

How about making your own?
There's a nice recipe, which I have not tried, on Mark Lipinski's website . Look for the place where his dog Tulip gives tips! He's the editor of that funny & outrageous Quilting Home magazine.
My friend Y.J. suggests just getting the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart or adding a few drops of lavendar oil (or another scent of choice) to any product.

I'm learning about blogging as I go along, so I want to make two pledges here:
1) My photos will get better!
2) I am naming names now! Product names, that friends should remain relatively safe.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate those fancy-schmancy scent product names which tell you nothing? Just tell me what it smells like, for pete's sake.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for stopping my blog and introducing yourself.

I bought Mary Ellen's Best Starch and love it. I'll be buying it again when I run out of the current bottle.