Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 Yards of Fun

Fabric shopping...not for the faint of heart!
I have been twice to the same quilt shop in two days.

Yesterday I went with C.C., who had heard there was a 25% off sale on all fabric.
And me with a $50 gift card in my wallet!

We looked at everything, and since C.C. was inspired to make a pink & brown quilt, we proceeded to select 21 bolts of fabric. That amounted to 4 trips from the table where we auditioned them over to the table where they were cut. Whew!

Back in the sale room, meaning stuff-that-has-to-go, I found several bolts of "Jane's Magic Forest" fabric (Jane Sassaman for Free Spirit, in case you just have to find some, too). Hmmmmm....we discussed how much fun it would be to use them on the back of a quilt, and even quilt from the back to make great patterns on the quilt top!
But those 21 pinks and browns distracted me, and I didn't buy anything at all!

C.C. did remind me by e-mail that I had not used my gift card, so when I got a surprise invitation for coffee & fabric this morning, I was out the door like a bolt of lightning! ALC was on her way back home from a granddaughter visit, and needed to pick up patterns & Starbuck's before leaving.

So I came home with 5 yards each of these wild beauties! And they will be gracing the backs of a couple quilts, as soon as I can decide which ones.
I will use the prints for my quilting patterns, and since I'll be working "upside down," there's no telling what thread I could put in the bobbin so it will end up on the top of the quilt!

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auntann11 said...

Her fabrics make me smile. Have fun with the quilting.