Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two More UFOs Bite the Dust

Time for a sweatshirt jacket, the perfect Winter wrap in Florida.
This was my second-newest UFO, after my sister's tote. Not that I am working on them in reverse order! In this case, it's order of need.
This is a good example of how all batiks go well together, and was a great way to use up lots of scraps.

I opened up the seams of the sweatshirt so it would be completely flat, then stay-stitched everywhere I planned to cut (down the front and all the rib-knit edges)(I hate rib knit....someday I will tell you why!).
The squares are about 2", and were basted in place with a glue stick, one area at a time. Then I just sewed a grid over them to hit all the edges.
I think it would have looked good with the squares on point...something you always think of after most of the work is done!
All the edges are done like a binding, but in this case I sewed on the front, turned to the inside and then topstitched in the ditch. I do not have time to hand stitch on something like this! Around the neck I did take the trouble to cut on the bias so it would follow the curve. I used a fat quarter for the opening and the neck, so I had to join strips to get enough length.

Make the turn-back cuffs by sewing a wide piece of fabric (mine happened to be 5") RS together along the end of the sleeve. Turn it over onto the inside of the jacket, tuck in 1/4", and topstitch. Then I sewed up the sleeves and sides. That's down & dirty, but this jacket has so much stitching all over, it doesn't stand out!

This is NOT intended to be an heirloom!

Oh, my goodness! Here is a practically ancient UFO-no-longer!
I showed this at my guild meeting yesterday, just to give hope to those who have (possibly) even larger UFO piles than mine.
This is a Debbie Mumm pattern from at least 15 years ago. The sad part is, all it needed was the have the eyes and noses put on, and the binding completed.
I did a little experiment with the faces, to see if I could make the snowmen seem like they were looking around.
Before the noses were on, I thought it might be a bit creepy...what do you think?
I didn't want to fuss with French knots or tiny buttons for mouths, so these guys are silent as the deepest snowfall.
This one is soooo not what I am making these days! The four Frosties will be finding a home elsewhere. Maybe whoever gets the will put something in those empty-looking corners?

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Crystal said...

Very cool sweatshirt idea, Sunnie. I realized this would be a great save for one with a small hole or stain. Or any shirt with stains or holes, I suppose. Also enjoyed the shots of your studio. My sewing room is 9.5x11.5 and I have my MegaQuilter set up full size on the 10' frame and a pressing table about 3'x5' plus my regular sewing machine and most of my stash, book, patterns, etc. Isn't it amazing what all can be done in a small space?