Monday, January 7, 2008

Which Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine is like an extension of yourself.
It's a personal choice, much like a car, and hopefully, something you will have and enjoy for a long time.

This machine is a Pfaff 1473. It belonged to my mother and gave her many happy years of sewing before she passed away. Now it lives at my house, and I am hapily using it while my own Pfaff1475 is taking a vacation.
These machines were purchased in the early 1990's and were the second series of computerized Pfaffs, if my memory is correct.

There are two important issues when buying a machine:
1) You like the model
2) You find a good dealer

That's a bit of "which came first, the chicken or the egg".
Some brands/models are beautiful to one person, and annoying to another.
Some dealers are very helpful, and some would really rather you buy a vacuum!

It is worth driving a longer distance to purchase and have your machine serviced by someone you trust and like.
TIP: save time & money spent on servicing by keeping the bobbin area clean! Get a little brush to remove the lint whenever you happen to take out the bobbin. If you have a bobbin case, remember to wipe the lint out of it, too.

Ther are many fine brands of machines, so try to find one that has a good dealer within driving distance. Ms. Well-Known Quilter may have a favorite brand, but you need to make your own choice.
There is a wonderful Pfaff dealer in my town. I send people to her all the time. She also sells Janome, and I've purchased that brand, too, because I know she will give me the same good service.
If I lived in another city, it might be a better idea to have another all depends on the local dealer.
And, of course, that also depends on you. In my town I am sure there is a good Viking dealer, too, and possibly other need to go to the person you like for the machine you like.

That said, I love my Pfaff! The built-in even-feed foot is the best feature clunky attachment. Needle up & down are great settings to have. After that, it's all gravy. You can get machines now with these features for less than I paid 13 years ago!
But the computerized machines are heavy.
For travel I like the Janome Jem, which weighs about 12 pounds. It comes in several models. First I bought a Jem Gold, which has dial for a set number of stitches. It could do about anything I needed for classes. Then I saw the Jem Platinum, which is computerized, so it had some needle positions and and extra stitches. I bought that, and gave the Jem Gold to my neice. It's perfect for someone who really does have to put away the machine every time she sews!

I have other sewing machines, too! When my friends come over, they don't have to bring a machine, because I have enough to go around.
If only I had enough space to keep them up all the time! That would be paradise.
And the one I do not have?
That would be one of the nice extended arm machines...not a long arm quilter, but like an industrial machine with more space between the needle and the body. They are great for sewing and even better for quilting. Pfaff makes one and so does Brother.
C.C. has one, and I know she loves it.
Oh, well...I'm afraid it will be awhile before I have money for another new machine, let alone the place to put it!

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