Thursday, January 31, 2008

Utility Quilting II: A Good Cause Trumps a Bad Job!

Here is another charity quilt. It happens to be on my UFO list...or was! It's finished now, even the binding.
The pattern was given to me as The Potato Chip Quilt ("Bet you can't make just one!") but I am sure it has many names.

This is a fine example of donated fabrics, as well as quickly done quilting.
So much is in the eye of the beholder! (thank goodness)

It was more fun to quilt this than the pre-printed panel, because everything here was done by eye. And I didn't even bother to quilt in the striped blocks (OK, I may have to go back for just a few lines....). The only marking was a chalk X so I knew where to come back for the center.
Then it was a flame shape up to the line and back, then a larger echo one, and a third time. It was shown in the current issue of American Quilter magazine ( ) in a great article, "No-Mark Machine Quilting" by Shirley Stutz.

I am happy because I saw this and tried it right procrastinating!
It helped me get "warmed up" for some long sessions of quilting (those UFO tops are not getting any prettier while in that pile!).
And it will be given to a foster child as part of my guild's charity programs.

PS Lesson: When you see a photo of your quilt, you can really see it in a different way. The same sort of thing happens viewing it through a reducing lens (like a through-the-door peephole).
This is good for those of us who work in small areas and see our quilts really close up all the time they are being made.
Quilts can really look different from a distance!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the same thing! This quilt really looks dynamic in the photo, and the positive/negative design grabs my attention.

woolywoman said...

quilts in photos- so true! Many times, when I think I hate something, I take a picture of it and then when I see the picture I see exactly what I want to do next. I notice that I also like phots of my garden much more than in real life.