Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Wishes

Here on the last day of 2007 I am thinking about New Years Wishes.
Not the dreaded resolutions, and not a re-hash of the past, either.
I'm thinking about the wonderful things that will happen in 2008....and most of them I have no clue about right now. They will be surprizes as the year advances.

I generally "break" those resolutions within a few weeks. I think the statistics even say 85% of resolutions are abandoned within 2 weeks.

Maybe a wish has more staying when I wanted a horse. I spent my childhood years wishing for that horse, and along the way got many horseback rides, model horses and such.
When I was 21, I married a wonderful man who had two horses, so I got the horses I had wished for, plus a husband, which I had not been looking for!
The husband has lasted longer, and been much more rewarding (for 32 years!)(and still counting).

So maybe wishes have a way of lasting longer and aren't done in by the first disappointment or unexpected results. Wishes could have a way of changing into what we really need.
You might not be able to go to the moon.... but you can have some adventures!
You might not have a movie-star for a lover.... but the one you do find could last forever.
You might not live in a castle, have piles of gold & diamonds, and closets full of designer clothes....but money to buy fabric and a house to stash it in are all that's really needed!

For 2008 I am wishing all of us our hearts' desires...even if they turn out to be Really Surprizing Things We Didin't Know We Needed!

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Anonymous said...

Sunnie, may your New Year be one of the best ones, yet! And may the powers that be give you all the time you need to do the things you want ...