Friday, January 4, 2008

The Clean-up continues....

Now you begin to get the idea of what I'm up against.
To the left is the shelving unit seen at the top of the last post. On the right is the border of a UFO on the desk where my sewing machine lives.
Wedged in between is a mass o'stuff, mainly containing my pile of batiks. Peeking out from behind is are the top of a few rolls & bolts of Wonder Under, Timtex, etc., which are actually held upright in a box.
See, I do have lots of good ideas for's just that they are not effective unless used!

This studio is only 10' x 10', plus a little L where the door is. I'll have to see if I can make a floor plan of it!

Other ideas you may like from this shot are Organization By Totebag (that off-white mass on the left) and My Favorite Scrap Container, in the lower left corner. I like to keep unfinished project parts (fabric, pattern, class hand-out, etc.) in one tote until it is done. That's why I had no floor space until recently....not that there's much anyway! This bag is actually hanging from an S hook on the side of the shelves.
The Scrap Container is a little trash can with a sliding door type opening...a classic! When I need a scrap, the whole lid comes off and makes a great holder as I dig through the container for what I want.

It is a challenge to be working on UFO's and cleaning up at the same time...stay tuned for some pictures of results!

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Pumpkin Patch Primitives said...

I am still laughing ...believe me when I saw I laugh with you; not at you. I had only seen one sewing area in this state before, my own! How nice to know I am not alone. I too have totes with " almost organized" piles. Maybe this is our year to get out from under those and actually see the floor once more. LOL! Good luck in your quest. I hope you know I am cheering for you.=)