Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gluestick abuse avoided!

I don't know what is more dangerous, me having a glue stick or 20 people cutting out lots of little tiny peices of paper.
The combination could have been disasterous.

This is a class I took last week with Margaret J. Miller. It was about designing new blocks using triangle units of various types, mostly long thin ones!
We had to cut out many many units printed on paper, then glue them into place to create something like this:
It was good lesson in value and design, especially thinking about what happens when the blocks touch each other, and how you can make interesting shapes by using color/value to make a seam invisible.
Margaret is a very good teacher. By that I mean she is hard working and pays attention to her students. She is generous with her ideas. She is flexible in situations where things aren't as expected.

My biggest accomplishment of the day was using a glue stick with no disasters. I was very very careful and everyone managed to get out of the class alive.


Anonymous said...

All things considered, I think all of the BGs present behaved quite well. None of us ran with our scissors or glue-sticked anything inappropriately LOL.

What a super class! I can't stop imagining fabulous colorways using MJM's ideas -- even as I toil away on my UFO du jour.


Cheryl Willis said...

I am a fan of glue stick and tell quilter (and the public in general) when ever working with 'glue' to remember that raindrops are better than puddles! A little dab will do ya!
Neat project- and good job not running with scissors! cw