Friday, December 21, 2007

Fast Gift Items

Here are some ideas about my favorite gift items that are quick to make.

Two things will be great helpers: start with a pre-made item (pot holder, towel, etc.) and hopefully your stash has some Fabulous Fabric that will do most of the owrk for you (that's a fabric that is beautiful or is a theme print that matches to "giftee's" interests or favorite colors).

1. Tissue holder: buy the purse size pack first then wrap the fabric around it to find the size to cut a rectangle. Add an inch on each size for the seams and some ease. Finish the edges that will wrap to the center of the pack, then WS (wrong side) out sew the two ends. Turn RS (right side) out, and insert the tissues!

2. Eye/ Sun glasses holder and...

3. Rotary cutter holder: Start with a pot holder. Fold it in half WS out and stitch along two sides, then turn. If it has a nice binding, just sew it RS out along the edge of the binding.

4. Scissors holder: same as above, but sew a slanted line to match the scissors, then trim off the excess fabric before turning.

5. Kitchen towels and...

6. Bath towels or Guest towels: Time to use the Fab. Fabric! Buy a set of towels and personalize them with a strip of fabric across one end as the acent (often towels have a different weave right where you can sew this). Just cut the strip, press the long edges in and top stitch it (tuck in the short ends as you begin and end).

7. My Favorite Apron: this is perfect for the serious cook, and also great for GUYS! Start with a bath towel, then add a waist tie by making a long doubled over strip of fabric (or even purchased binding!) to top stitch to one long side. Add a pocket if you have time. This is perfect for people who like to wipe their hands often.

8. Clutch purse: Shop the housewares department for some wonderful placemats! Don't be afraid to try some non-fabric ones, as long as it seems something you can sew through. Sew it RS out if it already has a nice binding. Fold one short end to 2--3" more than the middle, stitch the sides and fold the rest down over the opening.

9. Applique on any pre-made item: For the truly desperate, use a Heavy-Duty paper-backed fusible web to attach shapes or motifs cut from fabric. Do NOT try to sew through this stuff...but it will stay on perfectly. Hint: cookie cutters and other shapes can be found all over the kitchen!

10. Pillowcases: OK, these take a bit more sewing, but are so much fun and can be made with Fab. Fabric to reflect anyone's person interest. If you Google "pillowcase tutorial" you'll find loads of how-to's with pictures. It still falls in thehalf-hour range to make.

And then I'll add to my list "how to put links in my blog"!

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