Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ten UFO's You May Have Sighted

We've all seen these UFO' many are hovering around your own house?

1.Beginner's class: In six weeks you became a New Person (see nos. 6 through 10). That beginner's sampler has done it's job. Don't feel guilty if you never finished! See tomorrow's post for 10 Ways to Get Rid of UFO's. It's time to move on.

2. Project class:This UFO is probably lurking in a tote bag somewhere. While some people do take a class because they want to make an item exactly like the sample, the best value in any class is learning a new technique, plus the other bits of information exchanged between classmates and teachers.

Gift advice: never ask someone what their colors are...just make the quilt!

3. Baby quilt: Now that the baby is 6 years old...or even 15 or 20, it may be time to choose a new (larger) design! Generally the Quilters' Rule-of-Thumb would be you have a year to make the baby quilt as a gift (see below).

4. Wedding quilt: Weddings gifts may be given any time within the first year of marriage, according to etiquette books. In fact, it may be reccommended that you wait a bit to see how things are working out for the Happy Couple.
Sad but True:A quilter was not pleased with her son's choice, kept her mouth shut about it, but held on the the quilt she was making for him. Later he was presented with a divorce quilt.
Happy & True: When the bride opened the package, she did not realize the quilt was painstaking handmade by her new mother-in-law, and she causually put it aside. A few tears and phone calls later, the bride and her new mom were united in a bond of love and understanding.

5. Graduation: Another popular UFO gift for people who have been doctors, lawyers, and even Indian Chiefs for 5 years. Used school colors? You're in luck if the person marries someone they went to school with.

6. Poor fabric choice : It seemed like a good idea at the time. You really tried to make it work. Whatever went wrong (color, type of fabric, etc.) now you have learned something, so the item has done it's job.
Tip for newer quilters:This also happens to people who have been quilting for years.

7. Out of date: Ooops! This one has aged too long to be contemporary, yet not long enough to be vintage! Often happens when you're making a kid's quilt with popular cartoon characters. Or a bed quilt is about finished just as the person announces her Total Bedroom Make-Over! (see Gift Tip above).

8. Waited too long: Your skills have become so much better, you just can't see finishing that piece. I have a set of hand-pieced blocks for a king-size quilt (ouch!). Will I ever hand-piece it together? Hand-quilt the whole thing?

9. Ran out of fabric: So, so could search for the rest of your life to find that last bit you need. Try e-Bay or anyplace else quilters get rid of things. Be prepared to bite a really big bullet. See tomorrow's post!

10. Quilt gone wrong: Sometimes a lovely project just turns on you. The fabrics are fine, the pattern looked pretty easy...but the whole thing is a trial at every step. It's happened to everyone, and most of us have one hiding in a drawer or box somewhere!

I am declaring 2008 the Year of the UFO!
My friend C.C. is making up a list of UFO's and was up to 27 when I last heard from her. I, myself, am afraid to even start a list.
If you have some of these UnFinished Objects hanging around, check out tomorrow's post and start to unload that guilt!

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Anonymous said...

I *knew* the UFO list was going to cause trouble LOL. Today's post reminded me of even more projects for my list! But I really do want to be an ALIEN this year, showing off lots of completed items...
Cherry Cherry