Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ten Quilters You May Know

I'm sure there are more than 10 quilter-types, and often we are combinations of several.
As will all human traits, it is often the way they are expressed that makes the difference between someone you enjoy and someone to avoid!
It's really fun to find these all at the quilt show (you already know who they are in your own guild!).

1. Grandma: Everyone used to have a Grandma who quilted, but now that quilting has been popular since the 1970's, everyone has a great-grandma who quilted! Generally, this is a person who makes quilts that are meant to be used and to be given away.

this is my great-grandmother Nettie Brookover Eichhorn

2 . The Traditionalist: There are still people who will tell you "It's not a quilt unless it's made all by hand". The proper response is, "Oh, I'd love to see your work sometime!" That weeds out the ones who are not actually quilters!
The non-snob traditionalist knows what she likes and is not ashamed to say so.
The best thing about quilting is that you do not have to make every style, only whatever you like.

3. The One-Timer: Easily recognized as saying, "I made a quilt once." Attitude check: Ask her what type it was. Mention there are many varieties of quilts. Find out what she is doing now!

4. The Rabbit: I like this term better than "over-achiever" as it refers to speed as well as high productivity! How does she do it? (or he...yes, I know of one guild that has a male rabbit....and guys, please accept my apologies for using "she" all the time, but that's how it works best here).

5. The No-show: Present at every meeting, never gets up to share a item. Might suffer from low-self-esteem, but a supportive guild can help change that. Or maybe she really does give things away the minute they're done!
There are also people who do not actually make quilts, but very much enjoy being in a group of quilters!

6. The Fabriholic: Or should I say collector? I am not sure I like the qualification for "She who dies with the most fabric wins". You cannot take it with you...but you can get it at some one else's estate sale! (see the post on Dec. 22). A generous fabriholic friend is beyond measure.

7. The Artist: Another "How does she do that?!?" sort of quilter. Often this person is not bogged down by having been taught a lot of rules.
Learn from her how to think out-of-the-box...then show her a construction technique that could improve the stability of her project.

8. The Know-It-All/ Quilt Police: OK, so I'm a Know-It-All! Really, though, I do try to keep my mouth shut. Most of the time. And I try not to be a know-better-than-you type!
If we do not admit that they exist, the Quilt Police will have no power. They are all self-appointed. Do not be afraid of them.
However, you'd better listen to the White Glove Ladies/Hostesses at the quilt show!

9. The Alien: This quilter walks among us unnoticed. She looks just like us. She may even be us! But someday, that fleet of UFO's is going to come in....and then watch out!

10. The Award Winner: Whether it's the AQS show in Paducah or the local event, there's always somebody who you can be assured will win a prize. Get to know this person before making any assumptions! Sit next to her and have a chat. Just like Famous Quilt Teachers, winners are mostly really nice people.
My friend has a Quilt Show Mantra to repeat while going up and down the aisles: Admire...not envy.

There are plenty of other types of quilters, and sub-catagories there-in.
I hope you found yourself here at least once....on the positive side. Quilters are really wonderful people. I am lucky to have so many as friends!

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