Friday, December 14, 2007

Murphy's Law for December

Today is the day the Postal Service set for it's last "guarenteed" delivery by Christmas.
Even at that, the box going to California has a 7--10 day delivery time (sorry, Dave & Kim).
Although the people behind me in line might have been dismayed over my 6 boxes, I know they were all wishing that they, too, had thought to use their luggage wheels to roll 'em in!
Originally purchased for my sewing machine, that contraption has really paid off over the years. (tip: buy one with the largest wheels possible...they roll up over a curb or down steps much better than the tiny wheels!)

So here's Murphy's Law for December: Shopping for gifts and packing boxes to mail by the deadline will make you too busy to finish sewing many of the gifts that need to go into the boxes!
My sister is getting a nice card that says to expect another package in awhile. The gift I'm making is just too nice to do a rush job...not to mention I only found the perfect fabric last week!

There are many Murphy-type Laws that apply to sewing & quilting.
The original Law is that if something can go wrong, it will.
That's especially true of projects involving the last 19" you have of a wonderful fabric.
Another Law I'm found of is that any project will take the amount of time you have available. In other words, if you have two days it can be done....but if you have two months, you will still be sewing the last part of it within an hour of it having to be presented to someone, somewhere.
OK, lets see this one operate in the Real World!
I set the goal of learning to get digital pictures on my website & blog by the end of this year. There are now about 17 days left.
When are you going to see some pictures?
Well, let's hope my sister's Christmas gift is not the first one!

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