Tuesday, December 11, 2007

UFO's Again! Oh, no!

When exactly does a UFO become finished?

I think is is a really important question for me, as I am managing to complete several projects...as far as the top. Then I am off to another project.

I noticed my stack of tops getting pretty high, and have decided that 2008 will be The Year of Quilting...as in actually stitching 3 layers together.

My studio is very small, and doing one thing generally requires moving a lot of stuff. Of course, that also means it ends up on top of some other stuff...you get the picture. So when I want to quilt, I need to clear the decks.

My plan for next year will be to set up for machine quilting and then have at the pile of tops!

Hmmmm.....I'd better start thinking of how to get them all basted.

I have a friend who loves the spray basting. It does work well, but I am still not completely trusting. I always put in a few pins (also because I know it may not be quilted as soon as I hope!). Even with the spray, it still helps to have a friend when all that fabric needs to be handled.

Maybe the biggest UFO I have is not a quilt!

It's learning to get pictures on my website & blog! Yes, there are pictures on my website, but I need to take more....and then learn to get them online. I have set the end of this year as my deadline, so I have just 29 days to get to it!

I promise one of the first photos will be of my studio...and then you really will get the picture what I've been talking about!

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