Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ten Things You May Have Missed in Quilt Class

I really do the time you've got all your stuff set up and checked out the great fabric your table-mate brought, you may have missed something thing!
But, just in case you were chatting with the person behind you (again?), here's what you may have missed in Quilt Class:
  1. Value is more important than color. It's the lights vs. darks that create the pattern.
  2. You can choose fabric by starting with a multi-colored print you like, and pick colors from that. Look on the selvedge edge and there may be a series of colored dots that show what's in the print.
  3. When you fold the fabric twice to rotary cut, check that the second fold feels like one layer. If you feel two edges, you'll be cutting a strip with the infamous "dog-leg" shape.
  4. If you're just making the edge straight, look on the ruler where you can see the most fabric, not at the solid inch line.
  5. Take care of your rotary cutter: a new one may have a too tight screw; keep the parts in order as you take it apart to clean or change the blade; watch out that there aren't 2 blades stuck together.
  6. The rotary cutting seam allowance is a scant 1/4", meaning about 2 thread-widths less than 1/4".
  7. Clean out the bobbin area whenever you are in there for any reason. Keeping it clean with a little brush will save you time & money on repair shop trips!
  8. Most things look bad when they're half done. Try to push on and finish. Read my past & future posts on UFO's!
  9. Quilt in the ditch first, then free motion.
  10. Read the class supply list more than once!

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