Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little Quilts & Quiche

My quilt guild held a different sort of event this week: Little Quilts & Quiche!

Inspired by a similar event at her former guild, our education chair put together a lovely quiche luncheon and display of small quilts. She enjoys making things look nice, and another member, who is also a magician with making something beautiful out items on hand, volunteered to help.
Correction! This event was an original idea...and, I may add, VZ baked all the delicious quiches, too!
There were about 50 people attending. Each table sat 6 people, and was beautifully draped with a quilt:

These quilts have all been washed at some time, so spilling was not a big concern.

Another member, who fixes a lovely refreshment table for the guild to enjoy before the meeting, made some very pretty napkins.

It's almost a shame to cover this kooky quilt with anything!

It's things like the mirrors with the tea candles that I like....because I am far too lazy to have done this myself!

If you are not going to use them on the bed, you might as well use them for something!

Too bad I did not have my camera when the quiches came out of the oven!
They were delicious!

But I was completely taken with the color of these fruit cups!

Ah, just like at the garden department...all those flowers look fantastic in huge numbers!

And yes...there were little quilts, too!

The Holiday Group! Quilters just love that green & red combo.

It was quite a task for the members who had to figure out how to display all the little quilts contributed for this pre-luncheon show.
Using an assortment of frames, racks and hanging devices, they managed to get everything hung so each piece could be examined, oooo'ed and ahh'd over!
Just about every quilting technique is here somewhere!

In the past few years a couple of our annual challenges were small quilts, and it was good to have a chance to see some of them again.

Art quilts work well in a small format. Here are some of Cheezdoodle's! (visit her's on the sidebar under Links I Like).

I don't make many small quilts, but I had a few older ones to share. Peter's Dream was there (you saw that for my Easter blog), and an Amish Trip Around the World hand quilted with black thread!
But my favorite is this one, Lamentable Logs:

They are just fused down, and have lots of spaces between them.
I had not looked at this for a long time...actually, I don't think the logs are all that lamentable!

Well, I promised you a recipe. The BGPC tried it today, and I did not get any pictures!
It may be the only recipe you'll ever see on this blog!
Don't worry about the lack of an ingredients'll get the idea!


Brown some ground beef (I used turkey)
Mix in one packet of taco seasoning per directions
Take a small bag of Doritos or Fritos (we all liked the Fritos better) and squeeze it to crush the chips.
Open the bag...
Put in a couple spoonsful of meat
Add some shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream
Mix it up some with a fork and eat...right out of the bag!

This is as much cooking as I want to do, it tastes great, and would be a fun outdoor party meal. Maybe you could make a "taco bar" and let each person put anything they want onto their chips.

I got this from Cheezdoodle, who got it from somebody's looked like it had been forwarded around quite a bit!

OK...back to quilting now!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the Quiches and Little Quilts event. It was fun to look back and see how beautiful the food, tables and quilts.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea and the pictures are great. 500 people???



Sunnie said...

I am pretty sure there were only 50people there...but we filled up the room!

meggie said...

Looks like a fun event, & I would have loved to be there! Fun to see all the little quilts too.