Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A bit of Weird Fabric & Misc.

I wanted to share a piece of weird fabric with you!
Have you ever been shopping, something catches your eye, and when you go over to check it out, it is totally strange?

I was looking for polka dots when I saw this:

Williamsburg, the Providence Collection from Windham Fabrics (though I could not find this on their website)

When I got up closer, I saw it looked like this:

Those are not supposed to be eyeballs, but they sure do have that effect! Very 3-D!
Of course, I immediately bought a fat quarter, just to have it.
Don't you think it would make a great eyeglasses case?

I do love strange fabric!

There's not much time today because I have to clean house...the BGPC is coming over and that's a good excuse to scrape off the top layer of dust & debris.
Mostly it means moving the many projects my husband & I have going all around the house. Do you live with someone who is a woodworker/woodturner or has other "productive hobbies"? (that's as opposed to playing golf...I am not sure if fishing is "productive" or not. Quilting is!).

Several people have found my tutorial for Mile-A-Minute! I do appreciate your kind words and am glad I was able to get you started on it.
Shayla O'Puss has also found my studio to be a good "cat place". Here she is guarding my box of Mile-A-Minute demo pieces.
Good kitty!

Stay tuned...tomorrow after we have the Siete de Mayo celebration (BGPC is always running a bit late....) I'll have a "recipe" for you. By then it will be quilters-tested!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Shayla O'Puss! Guard that project!

meggie said...

I love Shayla!