Sunday, May 24, 2009

Artful Bras raise money & laughter!

When BRAS was announced as the guild's annual challenge this year, there were some raised eyebrows! There were some mumbled comments along the lines of, "Oh, my Lord!"
The Board wanted to make sure that QUILTING had to be obvious in the finished projects.
Then there was a torrent of hilarious jokes and puns....
and we were off and running!
The ultimate goal was to have a good time and raise some money for a local charity that helps women who are dealing with breast cancer.
When the bras were shown this month, each one truly was a work of art. I am sorry not to have a photo of each one...but time is tight when you're the guild Prez!

"Making Mountains Out of Molehills"

Each one had a thoughtful title on a decorative card, and was displayed on a padded hanger.
They ranged in inspirations from "Proud of Those Puppies", with brown fur faces, through "Flat As A Pancake", featuring fabric forks as the straps.
Votes were made with $1 bills, so you could be quite generous with the appreciation and spread your votes around!
Over $175 was raised for the Donna Hicken Foundation.

Here's the #1 Viewers' Choice:

If you'd like to see more Art Bras, I suggest you just do a search on Google for "art quilt bras" and you will find several projects in different states.
I'm not sure what will happen to this collection, but we are hoping to have a special exhibit at QuiltFest this September.

Personal note:
Sorry to be so far behind in my posts...I have been writing new content for the state-wide guild's newly re-designed website! It's looking good, and I will let you know when it finally goes "live". Meanwhile all the regular pages are still running for now, in case you need the plan your trip to the Sunshine State.
Shayla fans will be glad to hear that she is getting braver every day, though she is still a shy. Her favorite toy is the peacock feather she was given at her well-kitty visit to the vet.
She has not been behind the bathtube in a long time!

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