Saturday, April 11, 2009

Something for Everybunny

Here's something everyone can agree on for Springtime: a bunny rabbit!
I'm celebrating Easter, and sending my best wishes to all of you for whatever you are celebrating in this time of year.
Just as we all look for the Light Coming into the World during December, now we are all celebrating re-birth and renewals and life.
How wonderful are all the ways we have to express Love!

This little guy and his veggies is from a pattern QNM had back in 1993, Mrs. McGregor's Garden. I regret not knowing the designer's name, but will try to look it up soon!
The whole quilt is a really fabulous medallion type, ending up with a white picket fence border.
Just about the day this magazine arrived, with the quilt on its cover, my sister told me she was expecting a baby! I had to make this for her. That baby has just turned 16.
Yes, I did 10 billion satin stitch applique shapes! And then I made another small quilt that was intended to be used. The garden one went on the wall.

The small piece (22" square) above was made for an exchange with some English quilters, so it has traveled overseas and back again. I call it "Peter's Dream", and the back has a wild vegetable print!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring!

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Reeze Hanson said...

What a great quilt. Don't you love those sweet patterns illustrating old children's books? You did a lovely job with it. Thanks for sharing your picture and story.