Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scrapping in St. Augustine

Today the Scrap Basket went to visit the St. Augustine Piecemakers, and we had a wonderful time!
This guild has been sponsoring great classes, turning out charity quilts and holding small local displays for many years. They have a good mix of year-round residents and "snowbirds", and several award winning quilters in the membership. I am dieing to see their raffle quilt for this year, but it was out being quilted! (imagine!) I hear it has appliqued birds and butterflies.
Instead of a website, the Piecemakers have a Yahoo group (many guilds are doing that now) so I can't give you a link to peek in on the wonderful quilts they make!
But just wait until
QuiltFest this Fall...I'll have pictures then!

Every time I set it up, the quilts, etc. for the lecture look different.
But this time, Perky Old Men is front & center on the new rack my husband made. It was almost a waste to put one quilt on it....I think I should have had several folded on the rungs, and the whole rack on top of the table. Then I could pull off the ones I wanted to talk about.

The Piecemakers were the first to be exposed to.... er, I mean, the first to see the Polyester Quilt Top Found in a Bag Of Fabric!

Don't be afraid....I do NOT have a photo of it here. If I do write about it in the future, I will warn you!
I could have used this display as a photo op, but I had to keep the top hidden inside a bag until it was time to reveal....I might have lost the whole audience if they'd had a look at it too soon!
And it's very large. I was suprized when VZ jumped up off the front row to help me hold it up....frankly, I think most people there would have been appalled to touch it!

In other local quilt news, the Quilts of Gee's Bend are on exhibit at an art museum, and my guild was invited to show some hand quilting on a frame.
I'll be telling you all about that tomorrow!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

Shayla continues to get braver and take over more of the house.
For all her fans (gosh, she'll be ending up with her own blog soon!), here is Shayla, now guarding my office supplies:
Nobody's getting inside that box!


Anonymous said...

I like Perky Old Men, but I love Shayla!

I also know about two cats who do have their own blog! See http://www.dailytripods.com/.

The two adorable siblings featured there were fostered by friends of mine before they were eventually adopted. They have a congenital condition of a missing hind foot, hence the name "Tripods".

The Mysterious Ms. E.

meggie said...

Goodness, lovely quilts to feast the eyes upon, as well as a lovely kitty!