Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dos Quilts for Cinco de Mayo

Late as usual! If I can get this post done in 50 minutes I might still make it for Cinco de Mayo!
Then again, it really doesn't matter for all my friends over on the other side of the planet...it's already tomorrow!

Here are a couple quilts I made awhile back, but they are perfect for celebrating Mexico's liberation.
The first one is often confused for a Halloween quilt:

But a closer inspection reveals that indeed it is made of Mexican food fabric!

That little red piece in the center (with the blue shape on it) is from the very first challenge my guild did...19 years ago!
Before this small quilt was made there was The Spicy Quilt!
It was the Mystery Quilt for the SSQA Symposium several years ago when the theme was "Variety Is the Spice of Life".
You may well wonder when I will stop using this sofa to stage photos!
It's a variation on the Mexican Cross block (a pattern that goes by many names!).

What would you put on the back of The Spicy Quilt?

Mexican food fabric, of course! And since there wasn't enough, I was fortunate to have some nice Margarita green batik.
This is why you must buy fabric when it catches your eye....there is just no telling when you will need it!
I hope you enjoyed a good Cinco de Mayo....freedom is always worthy of celebration!

NOTE: 5/ 28/ 10
A request for a picture from this post made me realize I had not given credit to M'Liss Rae Hawley's "Quilt Interrupted" pattern from her book, Phenominal Fat Quarters. My apolgies! The Mexican Food quilt, which has since been purchased, was a sample for a class using her book.

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Anonymous said...

Dare I ask why you prefer to use the sofa rather than your quilt rack for photos??? LOL