Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Irons: a hot issue

Everyone seems to be cleaning up their sewing rooms.
I'm no different, but to save time & space, just look at my posts from a year ago!Things are a little bit better, but you'll get the general idea. ...well, for heavens sake, this is a place to work in, it is not the formal parlor!
If you are making a mess, at least you are making something!

Cleaning up leads to finding items (besides dust bunnies...or in the case of my room, buffalos!).
I found my beautiful old iron!

Actually, I bought this iron a few years ago!
There is nothing like classic designs. And that cord is in perfect shape!
This is the Sunbeam Ironmaster, featuring the "Wash & Wear Guide" A-B-C-D settings (so it is not extremely old). Do you remember any of these fabrics:
A Dynel--Acetate
B Nylon-- Acrilan
Orlon-- Creslan
C Rayon--Verel
D Kodel--Arnel

That's exactly how they are listed on the iron. Is that a US/ Britain sort of listing?
It also has settings for WOOL, COT and LIN.
This must have been the last model made before everything went to light-weight and steam...which is the very reason for having an iron like this one. The new ones have steam vents and don't make a good flat contact with things like fusible webs and photo transfer papers.
They also don't get hot enough for some processes.
Perma-press changed the world!
On the right, the Rowena Powerglide 2, with steam control! It also is one of the few irons that will NOT shut itself off after 30 seconds...I like it to stay on!
Is your ironing board cover as grungy as mine?
To protect the sensitive viewer, I cropped this picture so the worst cannot be seen.
I am adding a new cover to my shopping list....you know, it's the same one you may be making, which mostly includes the sizes of plastic storage boxes you need!
And while you're in which-ever Big Box store, you should pick up a tube of Iron- Off (a Dritz product) if you don't have one already.
I need to get mine out, as I can see my newer iron needs some sole plate work! Iron-Off is the best stuff for cleaning up all the gunk from fusible web overload and other pressing errors. It only takes dab to work wonders.
Let me know what you find while you're cleaning up this New Year!


Anonymous said...

Mostly when I clean up my sewing room, I find patterns I've purchased that "seemed like a good idea at the time," LOL!

I still haven't made a sweatshirt jacket, I still haven't made a wallet... I have made a tote bag (at long last), thanks to AnotherPat's fine pattern.

Last time I found a bag full of threads that I bought at a shop that was soon to close, and I STILL don't have dark gray! (Or else I used it all up when I wasn't looking.)

The Mysterious Ms. E.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I, too, have been tidying up my quilt studio ~ mostly to remove the dust bunnies and stray threads in the corners... as usual, I rediscover the colors and possibilities that are waiting patiently for me, which were (after all) the real reasons I started playing with fabric to begin with.

Sunnie said...

I'm glad to hear you are finding both things AND inspiration!
Today I found a Big Foot...a super-size darning foot made for free motion quilting.The printed card in it says "Machine Qulting has taken a GIANT step into the 90's!"
It has a handwritten note inside the bag that says, "will not work on Pfaff". I would be tempted to re-try it, but the note is my own handwriting!
Both of my working machines are Pfaffs, so why do I still have this???? It's a good product and will work beautifully on another machine...maybe one of the BGPCers will give it a new home!