Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009! BGPC at the Quilt House

Leaving one old year behind...starting into a fresh new one...such a wonderful feeling of beginning all over again!
Except for those UFOs!
Let's just think of them as the gift that keeps on giving. Or a way to save time and money? How about just the continuing story of our lives!

A UFO Raises Its Ugly Head
You may remember the Bizzaro Quilt from last year. It was made from units constructed during a quilting contest.
The BGPC was invited to The Quilt House to learn how to load and quilt stand-up style, and what better item to learn on than that top?

Duke, the King of the Quilt House, welcomes you and stands guard at the same time!

The Quilt House is home to a Handi Quilter frame with a Brother Novelle machine. A good friend & guild member L.P. had it set up by her loving husband, and it brought her many hours of joy.
When L.P. passed away last year, the Quilt House was inherited by her daughter, also known as Duke's Mama.
So the quilting continues, with fond memories. But generally I'd have to tell you, what happens at the Quilt House stays at the Quilt House!

While some quilts benefit from artistic quilting, others just benefit from being finished and used!

Some of the things we learned today:
1. It's better to have a friend help you load and roll the quilt onto the frame.
2. A sewing slave would really come in handy!
3. The speed setting is a very personal matter.
4. It is not hard to move the machine, but the longarms we've tried actually feel lighter.
5. Each person's quilting style is as different as is hard to try copying what someone else has done.

6. This quilt will end up warming an orphan in Ethiopia, so as long as the quilting holds it together, the pattern (or gracefulness thereof) is not the primary concern.

Sock it to 'em....Penguin style!

When the BGPC gets together, the main concern is having fun and being comfortable. We are not trying to impress anyone with our fashion chic...probably a good thing!
What is required is pie, and we are not so fussy about that either. Anything will do if there is not a real pie, even the peach cobbler at Aunt B's, where everything is fried, except the salad.

It's not fancy, but it's good! And stays with you for the rest of the day...

Happy New Year to everyone...I hope you had a good start to 2009, which was our real goal today: setting the tone for the next twelve months!
And for you dog lovers, here's one last look at "himself":

Duke says the BGPC is welcome back to The Quilt House any time...especially if we bring food!

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meggie said...

I love Duke!! he is very handsome. We have 2 little dogs, & I cannot imagine life without them.
Plus Honey test drives all the quilts!