Thursday, January 15, 2009

Florida Quilt Shops: Lemon Street Studio

Road trip!
Today we went to Lemon Street Studio in Palatka, FL.
A shop does not have to be big to have great fabric! Lemon Street offers many bolts of batiks and some of the latest Moda and other fabric lines.
As soon as you walk in the door you see this nice arrangement!
Don't you love the drapery rods & clip rings for quilt hangers? A great idea for quick-change displays.
I may even use this idea for my office. I want to hang a quilt over the closet door, which never gets used much as it it full-to-the-gills with my son's stuff in storage.
They even had quilts on display in the window of the empty store next door...another great idea for any street in any town!
Now what color thread did you need...? These bins would have been loaded, but the day before a lady had been in there for over an hour going through the whole batch, as they were only $1on sale!
The owner's husband was on duty while she's out of commision for awhile, and he was so friendly and helpful. He suggested we go just down the block to the City Diner and be sure to order the Coconut Cream Pie.
Say no more! The waitress told us it was the best, as the other pies on the menu were "store bought"! Then the shop owner's husband popped in to be sure we had ordered the pie!
I am telling you, that pie was just as good as all the fuss about it.
No was gone too soon!
Oh, yes, I still bought a bit of fabric:
Mr. Polka Dot infiltrates the batiks!
There was such a good sale, I should have bought more.
But you know, sometimes I really can control myself! I did buy some basting spray though, as I have a lot of quilting coming up, and that is definitely a good thing to get when everything is 20% off!
Do click on the link for Lemon Street Studio....their website is like a visit to the shop.

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meggie said...

A nice post here! Wish I could have been with you! I love those fabrics you bought.