Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quilter makes Blog of Note!

Just a quick message here to celebrate Blogger's "Blog of Note" today...a Quilting Blogger! I was so excited to see her "button" (like mine on the side bar) as the page was forming on my computer screen.
Enjoy a bit of life in Australia, and a very beautiful Red Square Dance quilt!

I love the way we are connected by the Internet.

Here's a picture for CherryCherry, so she will continue to read my blog (LOL):

Mom made a quilt for my son with a variety of different sized Bear Paw blocks. They were just made in random sizes, so her challenge was to put them together to complete a top. These must have been the extras.

These blocks came to me at Christmas, from my sister-in-law. She had received them from my mother, who hoped she would "do something with them" and start to quilt.
Not everyone has to be a quilter, and I am glad to have Mom's blocks so now I can "do something" with them!

Even if...for awhile...they are another UFO!

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meggie said...

Hi Thankyou so much for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment.
I have been absolutely overwhelmed with commenters, & it is taking me ages to answer everyone, & try to check out all the blogs.
Thanks for the link too.
It has been so hot here, I have not got any quilting done just recently, but we have had 2 gift days of cooler weather, but alas, they have been spent on the computer! LOL!