Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bizzaro Quilt!

Can these pieces be saved???

It all started with an activity for the state guild's symposium. We had a patchwork competition, with three teams of three members cutting and sewing to see who could make the most of several specified units within the alloted time. It was pretty wild!
All the pieces sewn were then to go into a charity quilt, and the winning team could select the charity it was for.

Needless to say, none of this stuff really matched up. The background fabric had been donated by a shop so all teams would have the same thing, but the rest of the fabric was just general donations.
Realizing I had what is scientifically known as "a bunch o' stuff", I decided to just keep putting units together until they were large enough to trim down to 12.5".

Eventually there were twelve blocks (and I use that term loosely) and here they are on my design wall:

Please do not injure your eyes by looking at this too long!

Having studied this mess at CC's house, and determining that it would need sashing, we raided her stash and found a dark teal solid. Since it was something CC was trying to get rid of, we maintained the quilt's "integrity" of having all fabrics that had been spurned by someone.

I was able to finish the top without becoming ill, and here it is:

The Bizzaro Quilt!!!

When this is quilted and complete, it will be going to Quilts Without Borders, a group that collects quilts for an orphanage in Ethiopia, Africa. Yes, they do need quilts...it is high in the mountains and gets quite cold! Many of the children are infected with HIV/AIDS.
I may have been joking about how strange this quilt top is, but it does have bright cheery colors, and will be just the thing to comfort a child in need.

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