Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sporadic at best...

Dear Readers, I have been a less than ideal blogger of late.
And I cannot promise a great improvement in the very near future, as it is time for the annual
BGPC Beach House Retreat!

This will be the third retreat I have done since the beginning of November. No wonder I can't get ahead, if I am constantly retreating.
I regret to say that there is no Internet connection at said Beach House, so I will be incommunicado until Sunday......
But you can look forward to some great pictures & stories then!

Meanwhile, here is a link that will give you something to do:

Since part of the Beach House Retreat is a trip to JoAnn's, I'll be looking for a wreath form and making the item above. I'll get scraps from our various projects so everyone will be represented in the wreath.
This would be fun to do on a guild retreat....you would have even more scraps!

CRAFT is a very interesting little magazine with very modern/ young/ edgy sorts of projects. If you enjoy making off-the-cuff, weird and fun craft items...or just like to look at them!...this is for you.
There is also another publication, MAKE. That's for people who are crafters at heart but like to use technology to create. Take a look at that, too....if you're a geek you will love it. If not, you know someone who will!

The idea of being at the Beach House this time of year is that we can sew-sew-sew, making many gifts for the holidays ahead. (We also eat-eat-eat, despite trying to maintain control).
I will be making "Green" shopping bags for everyone this year.
If you can't wait for my pictures, take a visit to AnotherPatch and see Pat's ultra-lovely bag tutorial...which can also be made undecorated, for those who are running out of time!

What is your favorite fast, inexpensive, or last-minute gift?
If you'll share your secret, let us all know in a comment!


Anonymous said...

So good to hear that you will be making the fabric shopping bags! I know the receivees will enjoy them as the ones I have given them to enjoy them. Want to see pics! Sew, sew, sew. Eat, eat, eat. Sounds like a good plan to me! LOL


Anonymous said...

Tut! Enough with the negative self-talk! A less than ideal blogger, indeed. Pbtbtbtbtbt! As if you don't need to have a life to blog about!

Good for you, going to a beach house with the BGPC! Have fun! We readers will be here when you get back and get around to posting something, whenever that turns out to be.

The Mysterious Ms. E. (who does the rounds of all her bookmarked blogs every day, even the ones that only get updated once every few months)