Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Strips Gone Wild

Although I have never purchased a "jelly roll", I seem to have accumulated a huge number of 2.5" strips. And as my latest project is designing a mystery quilt using all 2.5" strips (because lots of people do have the jellyrolls and want to use them!), I found my shoebox had finally reached it's storage limit.
The W-Big Box Store had plastic shoeboxes on sale 2 for $2, so how could I resist?
Convenient access to a shoebox: cut the sides on the lid at the mid-point, then place a rubber band around there to hold the top's like a picnic basket!

After living together all these years, the strips had to be divided into Lights and Darks, a system where any mediums just have to fend for themselves!
Actually, I think of the Lights as backgrounds, and that's how I made the decision which box received which strips.
You sharp-eyed readers are seeing the backs of two fabrics that seem to be in the wrong box!
No labels needed with see-through boxes!
Though when the day comes that all the strips go into plastic, I guess I'll have to show the sizes.
But for now, the rest of the strips are still in shoeboxes with my super rubber-band hinge.
This may be the reason the plastic containers will be replaced, instant access!
However, for the time being, while there is still room on this set of shelves, the various boxes can all hang out together.
When boxes are labelled, there's no reason to keep them in any order...they get stacked as they're used and returned. And no...this is not ALL the strip containers!
Although there is a box here marked "Red Strips", it does not have every red strip! I believe that's connected to a project that goes back at least 14 years.
Some ideas seem to need a lot of time for aging.
Which reminds me......
Time For Some Whine!
Once again a company has "improved" something "for your convenience". That usually turns out to be bad news.
Picassa, the Google photo managing system I use, (OK, it's free...) has upgraded to version 3, which has a bunch of features I won't use, loads slowly, and has changed one of my favorite manipulations to be almost useless.
I loved the ability to crop pictures manually, but now there are just standard sizes. Geesh, I thought the whole point of cropping was to take out the parts you don't want!
Well, it does do a lot of other cool things, and the price is right, so why am I complaining?
(because I like to, that's why!!!)
Coming next: The Invisible Quilt!

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Sherry V said...

Ooooh, I'm envious of your organized strip stash!!! But it is just so much easier for me to buy the pretty jelly rolls...