Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Last Retreat

I am finished retreating...for this year, anyway!
Three quilt retreats in 2 months is just too much, but how could I have missed any of them?
I had to go with my guild, even though it was rush back from the Houston show (besides the minor point that I was the chairman...). And then the state-wide guild's retreat meant I would see people I rarely have a chance to talk with (and find out what all those other guilds are doing!).

So now I am home, exhausted from the best retreat of all, at the Beach House with the BGPC: four days, right on the ocean (with the waves to put us to sleep each night), loads of fabric, food & fun!

My retreat buddy: the blue & yellow scrap quilt. I use this as an example in my Scrap Basket lecture, and was so suprised once when a lady offered to buy it...I was speechless! A very rare event for me!

Although I left my camera at home (not to mention my cutting board and nightgown!) (never fear, there was a T-shirt & knit pants to stand in as PJs), I do have a few pictures to share in the next few days.

Tomorrow: The Bag Parade!

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