Thursday, November 27, 2008

Always time for thanks....

It's late in the evening. My Internet connection has been gone all day, and now is finally restored.
So instead of the big Thanksgiving piece I was intending to write, I'll just take a moment to say I am so grateful for my friends, who put up with me, and for my family, especially my son and husband who cooked the entire traditional feast!

I have learned from quilting that paying attention to a mistake makes it look much larger than it is. So what we pay the most attention to is the biggest thing in out lives.
This is one of the few ways we can take control when times are tough.
Now more than ever it's important to recognise the good things we are thankful for, and if our attention is placed there, it makes our blessings even larger.

I hope you had a good day today, or that at least part of it was good. Think about that good part!
There are a lot of holidays coming up, and I am going to see if I can turn them all into quilting celebrations.
I hope you come along for the ride!

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Pat said...

Sunnie, did you get my emails of the 26th & the 30th?