Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Decorating Advice

With just a few days until Christmas, I believe the Last Minute is just about here.
I have one day left to pile everything in my van and head north to Ohio.
You may be having company on the way, as I had last week when the BGPC came over to my house.
For those of us who have better things to do than housekeeping, here is what to do with your holiday quilts:
Stack all that assorted stuff on a table, then toss a quilt over it! By placing the quilt "on-point" it will cover an even larger area! (this is Tennessee Waltz, a sample from back when I taught Quilt In A Day at a Big Box Store! Get the instructions free online at:
http://http// )

Put all those un-sent cards and gift wrap remnants into your desk, then distract everyone with a little quilt! They'll all be talking about how you made this Snippets wreath, and no one will try to peek inside while you're out in the kitchen getting coffee.

Once you've tossed a few quilts around, the whole room looks decorated. Even if that table hasn't been dusted in months, your secret is safe under a table runner...they're not just for dining rooms anymore!
You may also notice that the red/ green color scheme is so automatically recognised as "holiday" and "cheerful", your guests will never think of it as clashing with the pink & blue upholstery & rug!

Of course, this will work with a collection of blue & white quilts for Hanukah, or other colors for any holiday you are celebrating when family & neighbors are likely to be dropping in.

That's why my #1 advice in choosing fabric for a class (especially a mystery quilt!) is to select fabrics to go with the holiday of your choice. That way you can start your own collection of Instant Decorators....a real time saving when that Last Minute arrives!

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