Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful for Fabric...

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I thought it would be a good time to consider things I am thankful for.
But I don't want to just give the "beauty pageant" sort of answers.
Definitely I am thankful for fabric.... all the designers and companies, and also the many very fine hand-dyers who have brought some real quality and variety to our choices.

Today was a trip with Cherry-Cherry to a local shop that's a bit farther than my daily rounds, Country Crossroads. They were kind to carry my patterns during QuiltFest. I am very thankful for the friendliness of shop owners...they are part of what makes quilting fun & rewarding!
CC got some thread needed for continuing a job (nothing like running out and finding the spool you have was it's match by memory & eye time!).
I was on the lookout for some fabric, and found theses lovelies:
"Jumpin' Java" by Sue Zipkion for Clothworks
Really, it's coffee beans all over!
Then I found this swirly stuff, which CC claims she already has!
"Marble" Michael Miller fabrics
Could be it is time for anothe photography lesson, because this fabric is much more green & brown than it appears here.
Last but not least....
Patt. # BTR-5196 from Blank Textiles

What's goin' on here????? These are supposed to be orange flowers!!!!
This looks absolutely nothing like the fabric I bought! I wonder if it actually comes in a pink colorway?
I guess that reminds us to be careful of buying fabric online or from a catalog...who knows what the real color is!

Meanwhile, back in the business world, I have renewed my domain name for another 5 years (sounds really important, huh?) so my website can continue running as
You could visit there and see the new class I've added, "Quirky Bits".
Will I ever manage to get "Perky Old Men" online as a free pattern? I have been promising it for 6 months now!
When I do, you (dear readers) will be the first to know!


Sherry V said...

You're right -- that photo looks totally different from the fabric you brought home.

Since you've thrown down the gauntlet, I will have to unearth my green/brown marble fabric just to show that I beat you to it LOL.

Anonymous said...

I Love the "Marble" fabric! But you can never go wrong with Micheal Miller fabric.
Pink Scooter Lady

Sunnie said...

Pink Scooter Lady, you are so right about Michael Miller fabric!
They have beautiful colors & prints...and also many fabrics that end up in my Weird Pictorial Fabric collection.