Sunday, November 16, 2008

Foiled Again!

Once again my Big Plans to post from the road have been foiled!
I tried, but could not get a strong enough Wi-Fi signal....I'm sorry to have left you faithful commenters without any Patchwork Pie, and I do thank you for checking in!
Here's the scene:

Laptop up and running, but no outside connection!
I had to resort to playing with EQ6. On screen is the block pattern we made at my guild's retreat earlier this month.

Have you been on a retreat for quilters?
It has everything to do with sewing, laughing, and eating.
It has nothing to do with cooking! Everyone agrees that the best part is no planning, preparing or cleaning up meals!

The next most burning issue:
The Mysterious Ms. E's Scrap Basket!

It's pitiful condition is due to some quilters who really enjoyed rooting through and helping themselves to some fabric, as well as Ms. E making quite a number of Mile-A-Minute starter chunks.
Well, she calls it Mile-An-Hour...but it's still a theraputic & non-demanding activity, fast OR slow!
I did bring some green fabrics to add to the basket.
And one thing I know, those scraps will start self-propagating, just as they did for Cherry-Cherry, who now has multiple scrap containers!
Watch out, Ms. E!

This is the Sunshine State Quilters Association's raffle quilt. R-A-F-F-L-E ! I can't speak for other states, but in Florida you can run a raffle if you have the proper registration with the state office of consumer affairs. So yes, we may proudly call this a raffle quilt!
Of course, we all know the price of the ticket(s) is really a donation to help quilters keep doing their good work for charities and the world of quilting.
The quilt is called , "All Around the Town" and has a real variety of house blocks.
Which is mine?
Where else would I live but in The Rick-Rack Shack!

This retreat was also the Annual Meeting for SSQA, and as our special speaker we had Mary Sorensen. Her presentation was "Visual Texture: The Quiltmakers' Secret Weapon", using pictures of quilts to illustrate each point.
There was a lot to learn about fabric selection, though basically she encouraged us to "buy it all!"
I was thrilled that Mary asked for a picture of my Quirky Bits quilt (seen at Show & Tell) to add to the her program!
Of course, now I have to send her some more info about it, and that means I will have to also explain Perky Old Men....
there's no telling where this could lead!


Anonymous said...

My, my, my! That Quirky Bits definitely does have visual texture. After you explain POM to Mary, maybe you should ply me with Margaritas again and see what happens LOL.

Cherry Cherry

Sunnie said...

I had sort of been thinking of a line of patterns named after silly things in my childhood...
but using you as a margarita-driven title generator might be fun!