Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scrap Basket Returns Home!

This is where my famous Over-Flowing Scrap Basket lives. As you can see, it is not at home!
I'd like to say that "Starter Kit" is for scraps, but it's really a box that held Mason jars for canning. So it makes a sturdy container for some Xmas fabric (please note the word "some").

I just got back from visiting with the Space Coast Quilters in Titusville, to give my lecture about "Taming the Scrap Basket".
Wow...they had a super Show & Tell!
You should go see their show February 20 & 21, 2009, "Quilting From the Heart IX".
They'll have the usual quilt show events, but this one has a Bed Turning as well as demos. I heard that the members practically had to audition to be allowed to do the Celtic applique on the raffle quilt.
Even more important....they are serving up real home-cooked food! And these ladies are just as into cooking as they are quilting.
If you didn't do it already, click on the guild's name and visit their website for more info.

The Old Basket got a good work-out in Titusville, and I had to sort back through it to find some of my lecture items. But I did get it all back in place...And now the Scrap Basket is back in it's home, getting rested up for next year.

This was my last trip for 2008, but I am looking forward to being back on the road in 2009 for lectures and classes from guild meetings, to retreats, November when I return to the
John C. Campbell Folk School in No. Carolina!

Please check in tomorrow....I will tell you the beginning of the Story of the Bag of Ugly Fabric.
The end is yet to be known!


Anonymous said...

Would this be YOUR bag of ugly fabric? Do tell!!!

Anonymous said...

Your scrap basket has mojo! I'm resting up from the SSQA retreat, but have big plans to revive mine. I'm thinking of instituting a New Acquisitions Policy whereby I cut a strip from every new fabric I buy and toss it in. Some of my fabrics "cure" on the shelf for years before being used in a quilt (and generating scraps). Why wait!?!

For the record, I didn't mean to whine about the reduced state of my scrap basket... I was just a bit shocked, is all. I'm happy that people took scraps that they like. Please USE them, and (if you know who I am) show me a piece you've made with one or more of my scraps in it. It's the sisterhood of fabric!

The Mysterious Ms. E.

Sunnie said...

Yes, the Bag of Ugly Fabric is mine! And it may become a Continuing Story....

Ms. E, I have no doubt that your scrap basket will regain it's own mojo, for it was mighty indeed, and will be once again!