Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not In Paducah, Part III

This fat quarter display is Not In Paducah!
I took a trip to my local quilt shop, to look at the goodies. It is a very good shop, and although the owner was actually in Paducah (down in the "dungeon" under the pool, from the sound of it...), this was still a far cry from the fields of fabric available at the show!
Well, every little bit helps.
I have been far too busy to feel very sorry for myself, though, having had a splendid time shopping, sewing and attending the Irish Festival on Friday night.
You might have heard all about it, had Blogger not been too tangled up to give me access to my blog!
Here is what I've been busy with:

When faced with a Giant Amount of Stuff, the only way to cope is by just getting focused on one area. That much is enough to deal with.
For me, it is often my work table, which attracts Stuff like crazy! My goal was to get it clear so I can use it to baste the next batch of tops that need quilting.
The blue fabric is for the binding on one of the Mystery Quilts I am doing (I can show one after May 10!). That's the third time I've purchased a quarter yard of the Fusions fabric. The first time was just to audition in the quilt (it got cast as The Binding instead of A Shape). Then I needed some more, got another quarter yard, and miscalculated the number of strips I'd that's how I ended up buying 3 quarter yards for a half-yard job!
There was a 25% off coupon for the shop, a good time to get the spray baste. Cherry-Cherry swears by the 505, and that's all I need to know.
What is that behind the can of 505? Why, it's the completed set of black Minkee pillowcases I meade for my son! The hems are a fantastic guitar print (sorry, I lost the selvedge info...) that I bought recently. The bag with the Minkee had re-surfaced from a spot on the floor, and inside was the sales slip. I bought it in June 2005! Obviously this was intended to be a birthday or Christmas gift...many times! But they're done now, and will be gone soon.
Last on the table is a bag of rayon batiks (gasp!) waiting to be made into a jacket for myself. This is why my little game of finishing what's on the table will pay off. Some of those batiks were purchased in Paducah last year!
Having come full circle, I will now forget about Paducah until next year, when I hope to return and post each day's activities for real!

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