Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Calm Before the Quilt

I find myself in a strange spot...I am designing two Mystery Quilts, and I really can't show either one because who knows who may be reading!
But I can show you the fabric I am using....

(3 days later....)
By the time the blocks are done, I will have added more fabric and taken away some. The top and bottom blues are already history! And that little snippet of sherbet color in the's gone now, too. Repaced, I may add, with a brilliant orange.
I was out of town visiting Starbuck's greatest fan, AC, and we went to four quilt shops looking for the correct orange fabric to go with the flowers in the Big Print. I brought home four different pieces and today got Cherry-Cherry's advice on the proper selection.
Here's the winner, along with the fabric it will touch most often, and that Big Print again:

Give me a break on the color reproduction'll get to see the finished item later!
The real point is that CC says it is "awesome", and we had this all spread out on the table in a Mexican restaurant!

The orange/yellow is Sunstreaks by Patrick Lose (Timeless Treasures) and the green is something from Kona Bay.
That flowered fabric is Celebracion by Kathy Hall and licensed to Andover Fabrics from the Museum of New Mexico! Ole! I love it!

Since I can't be showing too much of the actual quilts I am working on, I'll have to tell you about other good quilty stuff.
Coming to Patchwork Pie soon: a trip to the LQS (local quilt shop) and a really ugly photo of the newest addition to my office!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Sunnie!

I have never done a mystery quilt (too many non-mystery quilts in the queue, frankly). I know you can't show the quilt itself, but what goes into designing a mystery quilt?


Sunnie said...

What a great question!
I think it deserves a post devoted to the answer.
But the quick points would be: a not-too-difficult skill level; a pattern that won't be immediately recognized;and something without too many fabric choices to make.
Those are MY considerations when designing a Mystery Quilt!