Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabric Fanatic!

I am just a fool for the fabric!
These are not intended to go together but they are up on my design wall because I like'em!

You've seen the Big Flowers before. They have finally found their home as the outside border of the Mystery Quilt I'm designing for a guild in Georgia. I can't even show it to you until I teach the class on May watch for it then! (and maybe Cherry Cherry's version a-la Mary Engelbreit!).
The real story is the polka dot fabric. I am using that as the background.
This is the second quilt I have made with those dotty dots in the background! Sometimes, it's just so easy to get fixated on a great idea...but then you have to let it go.

I ran out of the dots, just as I decided they would look great as a second border. The first border is dark, so it would look like the block patterns were framed and then floating on the sea of polka dots.
Well, it would if I had not run out of dots!
I couldn't find any more, and needed to be done with the top, so I committed myself to Plan B.
Except I didn't really have a Plan B, just the realization it would have to be a different fabric.

Of course nothing worked, because I was still too in love with my first idea!
And I was running out of time.
So I just went with some white fabric. But before I could cut & sew, I ended up taking CC for a little celebration shopping trip, and we stumbled right onto a bolt of THE polka dots! (Jean Ray Laury for Free Spirit)

I guess sometimes it pays to wait a week.
The top is done now, and it looks just as I wanted it to!

Also on that shopping trip we found a great lime & purple batik:

I am really sorry my photo doesn't do it justice (the first photo is truer to it's beauty!).
And here also is a fat quarter CC bought me of the wonderful Jane Sassaman fabric.

No. I do not know what I will do with it, and I do not care!
It's pretty and I like it.

I hope you have some fabric just because you like it, too.
And don't be afraid to cut it up and use it....
if you run out, you will choose something wonderful to take it's place and your quilt will be better for it.
That's my usual story, and I'm sticking to it....
even though in the case of the Polka Dots I didn't!

(PS: you know I only needed 2/3 of a I bought 4 yards!)
(PPS:it is a REALLY great background fabric!!!)

(PPPS: now I wish I had bought more of these Big Flowers!!!!!
What will I fall in love with next?)

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of reading a book called "Getting Things Done," by David Allen. It's slow going, because I keep interrupting my reading to go do something. So, I guess it's working!

The chapter on brainstorming has the following quote: "Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have." -- Emile Chartier

I definitely think applies to quilting! How many times have I become wedded to a "perfect" fabric, only to have less than enough of it? Hooray that you found more of the dotty dots! I know just how that is!


Sunnie said...

I may need a copy of that "Getting Things Done" book!
I am glad I found the exact polka dot fabric I needed, but I am even more glad about being committed to forging ahead, even if I had to think up a working Plan B.
Getting stuck is just a natural part of life.....remaining stuck (that "dangerous one idea")is the true problem!

Anonymous said...

"It's pretty and I like it." That just says it all!

Wait'll you see the FQ I had to get for you yesterday. It begged to be brought home to you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's supposed to be called Getting Things Done...All this time I thought it was Getting Things and I'm really good at that. *vbg*


Anonymous said...

I love this large floral fabric. I taught a 4 patch stacked posie class yesterday and one of the gals used this fabric. It was a hit! Enough so I'd like to find some and probably won't but will try. It made us all think of the 70's.