Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not in Paducah, Part I

For the first time in quite a few years, right now I am Not In Paducah.
If I were there, having enjoyed the opening day of the show, I would now be resting my tired feet and probably sipping a margarita.
Instead, I spent two and a half hours here:

with another friend, who also Could Have Been In Paducah.
Yes, I was drowning my sorrows in a Pecan Waffle, instead of the German Nuts that send such a great aroma around the Executive Inn.

Of course, CC...who also is Not In to be getting lots of projects done or worked on, because she has not wasted a lot of time riding on a bus or in a car.
I seem to be attacking a binding, but slowly.
Probably because I can't stay out of this place:

But if I were in Paducah, I'd be drinking coffee at that little shop in the Executive Inn, watching people and making new friends from exotic places such as Japan, Australia and Wisconsin.
Well, I would if it were before 3 in the afternoon, as they close down then, thereby missing what would be a terrific crowd at about 4:00!

I'm happy for everyone who is at the show, filling their eyes with the beautiful quilts and carressing the fabrics in the merchants' areas. The AQS show is a wonderful experience, and visiting Paducah KY has always been the highlight of my year.

So I'll just have to be patient until the end of October rolls around and CC & I head off to the IQA show in Houston.
But meanwhile, I can't help but to think about what I am doing these couple of days while I am Not In Paducah!

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Anonymous said...

You had to mention those German Nuts! One of the best snacks evah.


Sunnie said...

You said it, CC!
Those German Nuts are a great treat to take to a lecture. They usually don't survive the wait in line to get in!