Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not In Paducah, Part II

It's Thursday, the second day I am Not In Paducah.
This is usually the day I tell everyone I know to come over to Whaler's Catch and have lunch, because it's a really big place and they have room for a group. Restaurant space gets filled up fast in Paducah during show week.
Since I am Not There, I was most fortunate to be able to have lunch with the BGPC, the small quilting group I belong to. Cherry-Cherry and Rita are also Not In Paducah this week, and maybe even Mrs. M (though she prefers going to Nashville)( Knoxville in '09!)
We were in for some real luck, as there was a whole menu posted of just pies...and second on the list was Kentucky Pie! Served warm, too.
So I snapped a quick picture before I snapped up the pie.

So, whether I am In Paducah or Not In Paducah, it really doesn't get much better than this: good pie & good friends
And we even passed around a bag of fabric to share.

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Anonymous said...

What? No mention of the quilt channel on tv? No Boy Scout Strawberry Shortcake for lunch; oh yeah, that's tomorrow.

Sunnie said...

There is so much happening in Paducah, it's hard to mention it all...but I do love having that local TV channel going all quilts for 12 hours per day!
This blog really makes it sound like all the AQS show is about is fabric and food...wait a minute...that's true!