Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fabric at the Art Show

It's a lovely day to go to an outdoor show and see some great quilt art by my friend Julie Mainor.

I know I told my friends I wouldn't call them by name in my blog, but this is different. I think you might want to know who is doing this work!

Today was the first time I saw the big tree in the center. It has a little "work in progress" note pinned to it!

Sometimes it is hard to know when a piece is done, but that doesn't mean it can't be shown!

I'm sorry I didn't get a better shot of the "looking up into the forest trees" quilt on the left (maybe because I already have one of it hanging in a quilt show!). It captures the misty sunbeams effect really well.

Of course I like the ferns on the right...they have everything I love: color & kookiness!
Julie loves nature and it really comes through in her pieces about the rivers, wildlife and growing things in Florida. She's a very good painter, too, and combines her fabric, paints and stitching to make these beautiful pictures.

When I was leaving, there were a couple of quilters in the booth checking out the back of the one piece. They reminded me of my first trip to Quilt National, and overhearing the staff explain the difference between artists and quilters...the quilters had their faces up in the work figuring out out it was done!

But there isn't really a difference. We all love working with colors and patterns, and it all comes from our desire to show and share what we are thinking and feeling.

Later note: The "psychedelic ferns" were purchased...somebody got a very nice addition to their art collection!

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