Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Lime & Purple UFO

My second UFO in the guild's monthly UFO Attack System was a tote bag full of fabric I had collected. It started with a piece that is a color I have sometimes called "periwinkle" but is actually darker. When you put it with blue, it looks purple. But when it is next to purple, it looks blue. But it isn't dark enough for me to consider it "indigo".

Anyway, it looks great with lime green, so I collected and stashed in the tote bag until it's number came up last month.
When I took all the fabrics out to decide what to use, they would not fit back into the same bag!
I suppose that is a sure sign it's time to DO SOMETHING!
First, I had to chose a pattern. Something ended up being the Split 9-Patch.

Here are the fabrics that made the final cut (so to speak!) and the rest went back into the general stash.
But wait!
I know you are wondering about that fabulous print from the first photo. It will be the border.

The row at the bottom is for the half-square triangles, the green & black squares go in the center of each block, and the ones at the top are the other pieces.
How do you like this weird tray?

It was something for the automotive industry and was made in Ashtabula, OH, where my parents lived for about 16 years a long time ago....I have 2, and often use them for keeping cut pieces together while working on a quilt.

Here are some of the Half-Square Triangles. What a tasty combination this lime & purple is! Really, it seems to be leaving a sensation on my tongue!
I like to sew as many units as possible and then start in on the blocks.

My favorite formula for Half-Square Triangles is to cut 2 squares the finished size plus 1".
Then I sew them twice 1/4" away from a diagonal line. But I have a tape on my machine so all I need to do is line up the corner of the square and start line marking for me!
Also the added 1" (instead of the mathematically correct 7/8") allows for the resulting units to be trimmed to exactly the right size. When I use the 7/8" I seem to get several units that are too small.

Oh, look! all the 9" blocks have been sewn! They are just posing on my design wall for you. This is not the how the quilt will look.
I made a total of 48, which will be a nice size quilt when borders are added.
EQ6 came in handy for planning a setting....but this diagonal divided sort of block can be set in hundreds of ways, and I am not committed to the setting I used just for planning.

But for now, these blocks will go back into a bag, along with their scraps and that fabric for the border. This UFO has been changed into a new & different UFO now, and there are too many other projects to be working on.

I am making a fun new class for the Quirky Bits quilt, plus two Personalized Mystery for a guild in Florida and one for a guild in Georgia. Whew!
I guess you'll have to wait to see the Mystery Quilts until after the guilds get their classes...I'd hate to reveal the Mystery too soon, in case they are reading my blog!
And then there's the next UFO Attack commitment: quilting the Perky Old Men!

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Anonymous said...

Lime green and periwinkle! What a fun combination! Good blue-violets are hard to find, I think.

I admire your speed, Sunnie. I am stalled out, "needing" to finish one quilt before I move on to the next, but my heart belongs to the next. So I am finding anything, everything else to do except sew.

Sometimes to get myself going on a current, "pre-requisite" quilt -- or any task, actually -- I mentally yell at myself, "Push!" and pretend that I am in the midst of giving birth. Not that I know anything about actually giving birth (being childless), but the meme is inescapable.


Kat said...

Wow, that's looking great!

I'm participating in a UFO challenge but at least some of the fabric has to have been cut before the start of the year. Yours sounds like a bit more fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've got to say, I love the colors and the patterns. Superb