Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday at the Campbell Folk School

The forecasted snow & rain stayed away...we had another beautiful day that even warmed up to jacket-optional by noon.
This red metal fence is on the walkway to the dining hall and has emblems in each section to represent the crafts taught at the school.
What's strange about this picture of the back porch at Keith House?
I can't believe there is no one there! This is a great place to relax and enjoy the evening before dinner....that's how I know I must have shot this at an odd time.
This was the last full day for classes in a short week, so everyone was working extra hard to get in as much as possible.
Tonight it's very quiet here at Keith House (the only WIFI spot!) as many people are back in the studios tonight. We have 2 hours of class tomorrow before the students' show. The dulcimer makers have let the finish dry and are back to put on the tuners and strings. The book makers are downstairs here completing the special cases for the books they made. I'm sure the kilns are going at the fused glass studio, the blacksmiths are at their forge and the woodturners are creating piles of shavings along with their hollow vessels.
Whew!That's not even all the classes this week...there was also writing, Indian cooking and quilting!

The Folk School buildings feature what they teach. This is the fireplace in the room where I'm sitting. It also has chairs made by students throughout the 82 years it has been in existance.

We'll all be sad to leave tomorrow. Of the 110 students this week about half were first timers...and I'd feel very safe in saying they all hope to return.
I know my posts have not included even a small part of the many wonderful events of this week, so I think next week sometime I'll try to put together another photo-essay about the school.

But don't wait for me! Find out more about the Folk School and how you can attend!


Sharon said...

What a stunning hearth broom in your photo!
I'd love to go to the Campbell school some day. It looks beautiful, as well as a unique experience! Thanks for sharing.

Roni Hunt said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a view...and what a facility. This is my dream vacation (nothwithstanding my beach vacations in the bahamas!). Can't wait to go there one day!

Roni Hunt said...

Oh my goodness!!! This looks like heaven and is my dream vacation (notwithstanding my mandatory beach/bahamas vacation)!! Can't wait to see you in March!