Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Artisan Center in Berea, KY

Wouldn't you love to meet this lady and her polka dot chickens?

If you are driving through Kentucky on I-75, at Exit 77 is the Kentucky Artisan Center and the town of Berea.
Take my word, you want to stop!
In a huge stone building the most beautiful handcrafts of Kentucky are displayed with good exhibit style lighting and space to wander around just looking. And everything is for sale, too.

If there's a craft you enjoy, you can probably find it here. Wood, basketry, ceramics, painting...and quilts, of course!
No matter where you go, somewhere a pot holder will show up. I suppose they are the closest thing to a quilt without the major commitment to time & materials!

I had to choose between some beautiful wood and these woven scarves. The dulicmers were tempting, but I went for this color instead.
I mean for a PICTURE!

The Artisan Center is about 2 hours from Cincinnati. There's a nice cafe inside, too, for a meal or coffee before you leave.
If you have time, drive the 2 miles into Berea to visit a small town full of crafts (even a little quilt shop) and antique dealers.

OK, I have said enough about the places I went this month, and will be back to posting more often and about quilting!

As soon as I get back from the lecture I'm giving tomorrow evening in Clearwater: Taming the Scrap Basket!
With luck, there will be pictures.....

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Sharon said...

That looks like a wonderful store! I love the funky chickens, and those scarves are just luscious! Wish I lived close enuf to visit.