Friday, March 21, 2008

On the Road with a Scrap Basket

The Famous Over-Flowing Scrap Basket in the back of the Quilt MobilePosted by Picasa

I've done it before.
And I did it just yesterday.
And I'll probably be doing it again.
Yes, I drove over 200 miles (one way) to talk about SCRAPS.
I guess quilters just can't get enough of this stuff, and apparently I don't get tired of talking about it, either!

The famous over-flowing scrap basket is my main prop for the lecture I do called "Taming the Scrap Basket". It's a humorous look at the life of quilters and their fabric addictions....and also includes many helpful ideas about scrap-control and usage....though I'd have to say this basket is not exactly a good example!

The first time I gave this lecture, I thought I'd take along my scrap basket, especially since it is big and would make a colorful focus point. It has fabric going back to even before I quilted.
It was a big hit, and I soon realized that I would not be able to use up these scraps if I wanted to have a prop for my lecture! So, as anyone would do, I just started a whole new container for the scraps I was currently generating.

At the end of each lecture, I invite everyone to come up and take a scrap. This wasn't a problem until at one guild I noticed the ladies were taking LOTS of scraps!
My pack-rat heart leapt to my throat, and then I quickly came to my senses...really, it's not like I was actually using these scraps, and I was certainly making more!

And then, while I was packng up, it really hit me: No matter how many times I gave this talk, and no matter how many scraps were shared with the audience, the basket never became less than packed full!

Even last night, I still had to cram the scraps back inside to get the lid on.
I have never added any scraps to this basket since I started giving the lecture.

I think the scraps are beginning to reproduce on their own.

To test this theory, I used my current scrap container (a small dome-topped waste basket) and my friend C.C., who one time claimed she needed some scraps. I said she could have some of mine, and loaned her the dome-top container.

When it came home, it seemed the level of scraps was lower, but maybe because CC had folded them neatly back inside. One rumaging through for a bit of blue, and the volume was just as large it had ever been.
Yesterday, CC was talking about her scraps, and I"m sure I heard at least 3 different containers mentioned.
Well, I warned her when I gave her those scraps.....they might be self-propagating.

My advice is not to worry about scraps. Never think you have to "keep up" with them...but do share them freely. There will always be plenty to go around!


nancy said...

Looking forward to hearing you talk May 9th here in Georgia..

Sunnie said...

I am looking forward to being in Georgia, too!
Just wait 'til you see that scrap basket "in person"! I always consider myself lucky to get it inside before it explodes in the parking lot.