Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Day in Paradise!

Wednesday dawned cold & grey here at the Folk School, but soon turned sunny ...and slightly warmer!
Rockhouse is up beyond the left side of this picture, and it's a nice brisk walk to Keith House where we can get coffee! Morningsong is next on the schedule (though not mandatory) for a wake up with a different local host each day. A few songs, a few stories, and many laughs are shared before we hear the dinner bell and head off to the dining hall.

The red door of the Keith House is a welcome sight when coffee and fellowship are in demand!

The morning class is 3 hours, then lunch from 12:15 to 1:30, followed by another 3 hours of class.
That is a LOT of stitches for ye olde embroidery class....or, as Nancy says, Embroidery on the Dark Side!
These are samples of her work (VERY inspirational!). I'm enjoying the freedom of creative embroidery and thinking of new ways to decorate cloth. I started my sampler today. It won't look like Nancy's, but I love the idea of showing stitches in shapes and waves, not old-style rows.

Tonight's after-dinner activity was a visit to the bookbinders' studio where Ed is taking a class. The teacher, Dea Sasso, is a book restorer and maker. She gave a great overview of her art. It's always amazing to hear a person talk on a subject they have a passion for.

More pictures and news from the Folk School tomorrow...our last full day. The evening activity is a dulcimer concert!Friday is cleaning up and the students' show and tell.

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