Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quiltmobile Headed for Georgia!

The infamous scrap basket is loaded in the van and I'm headed for Georgia!

I'll be giving a lecture and two classes for the Crossroads Quilters in Perry, and am I excited!
Soon I will be able to share with you the great mystery quilt I designed for them. It's been really hard not to show it off!
Cherry-cherry made a version, too, and I'm taking it along. When you go to teach you just can't take too many quilts! It's a good thing I can drive the van for this one.

I'll be spending Mothers Day on the road driving to Ohio to see my Dad in Cincinnati...I sense a visit to St. Theresa while coming up!

I'll post from the road if I can...otherwise, I'll be back with loads of pictures in about 10 days!

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