Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Colorful Delivery!

Sometimes you open the mail box and all that's in there is some bills and a couple ads for services you can't imagine using.
But sometimes, you find a nice envelope, and inside is:

Now this is what I call a Colorful Delivery! 15 squares of Moda Marbles from the mysterious Ms. E (you never know where she may be!), so I can continue doing something with that "Exploded 9-Patch" piece I made.
Very thoughtful, and appreciated! There's nothing like fabric in the mail box to cheer up the whole day!
These will be put to good use, maybe when I get through with the current Quilt-A-Thon (to be covered inthe next post!).
At least they have a good chance....I have them all in a box labeled "A Current Project", to alert me to something I need to work on but have put aside.
Just another way to trick myself into getting things done!


Anonymous said...

Oh, look at all the pretty colors! I want those fabrics! Owait, I have all those fabrics! Hee!

Sunnie, now you have me all fired up to make a quilt with marbles and near-solids. But I already have one quilt on the design wall and three more in the queue. Here's my interim solution: In addition to a "To Do" list, I also keep a separate "Someday, Maybe" list. I've added an all-marble quilt to that. This way I get to hold and cherish the idea without feeling obligated to do it in any particular time frame.

Thanks for showing all the solid squares together. I like all the pictures you post, but I will follow your marble quilt with special interest.

The Ordinary Ms E.

Sunnie said...

My Marbles piece will be small, but much better thanks to you!
When it's time to use a great collection of colors like that, you might take a tip from making scrap quilts and begin by sorting the colors into Dark, Light and Huh?(also known as Medium).
If the biggest pile is Huh? (which is likely) then choose one Light and/or Dark to make the pattern show up.
Or just make blocks with wild abandon, as the colors will be so yummy. Leave the visual patterning work to the viewer....Summmer is coming and it's too hot to do all the thinking yourself.