Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mystery Quilt Revealed!

The Crossroads Quilters in Perry, Georgia, were thrilled with their Mystery Quilt, and I hope you like it, too!
Most of the quilts are being made for their charity, teenagers at the Georgia Industrial Children's Home in Macon, so I designed a special long-twin size for those. The quilt you see here is the regular twin size.

This was done in EQ6...what a great program!

It will be available soon as a pattern with three sizes included (I know you want to make a bed quilt! The pattern gets even better with more blocks).

So now it is official....I have driven over 4 hours and across state lines to talk about scraps!
Call me crazy (you will not be the first OR the last!) but I do love to be together with a group of quilters, sharing our love of fabric, colors, and probably chocolate. The Crossroads Quilters are a fun group, and had an awesome Show & Tell!
Here's a look at the Famous Over-Flowing Scrap Basket in action:

It has some friends on board....Perky Old Men ( 3" nine-patches & blacks & whites), charm quilt, and a blue & yellow scrap quilt.
Yes, scrap quilts can be made in a planned color scheme, you just need lots of different fabrics of the same color. This is especially good for people who want to be scrappy but still need to keep things under control.
You true Scrap-a-holics out there know the truth, though.
The more different fabric/ prints/colors you use, the better they all go together!


Debra said...

Interested in your comment that the quilt was made for a "regular" twin bed.

I'm doing research to see if a)quilters, b)publishers and 3)suppliers are adjusting their measurements to accomodate the current deeper mattresses.

So far, NOPE. People are actually making quilts that will be 8-15" too small for the beds they will be sitting on. (and with people replacing mattresses every 8-10 years, it won't be long until every bed quilt is a "misfit".

Your thoughts?

Sunnie said...

I think you have brought up a very interesting point.
In my 25+ years of quilting, I find that "standard sizes" listed for bed quilts are all over the place. Often the dimensions given do not say if it for just the top of the mattress or if the drop (side) is included, and if so, how much?
With today's pillow-top and deep-sided mattresses the only thing a person can do is measure the specific bed and see how far down the sides they want it go.
Now, as a designer, I also know the size has a lot to do with how a pattern will come out...number & size of blocks, plus borders.
I think the bottom line is that quilters just like to make quilts that are generally the correct size and place them on top of a spread if the bed needs extra coverage....we are making quilts we like, as opposed to quilts that function as complete bedding.