Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Superior customer service

Since we've all been shopping lately (online or in person) we have many stories about customer service. I have a Superior one!
If you don't know Superior Threads, you should. They are sold through many businesses, as well as their own website. They have booths at large quilt shows, too. Their products are very quilter-oriented, for hand, home and longarm machines.

                                 Just a few of my Superior threads 

I purchased a collection from the Superior booth at the Mancuso show in West Palm Beach last month, and finally got around to using some...only to discover it wasn't working on my machine!
I haven't a problem with any of their products before, so I sent an email to ask about my new threads.
Well, I heard back in less than 4 hours!
I am so glad I took the time to ask and not just assume I was stuck with an expensive purchase. They acknowledged there had been a production problem with one batch of my collection, and offered to immediately send a replacement...which arrived in exactly 4 days!
Now that is what I call real customer service!
I expected to get a response, because Superior is very interested in educating quilters about how to best use their various threads. Shipments come with a paper describing the thread and suggestions about needles and thread tension settings...just in case you aren't near your computer to take advantage of the HUGE amount of information on their website (really, check it out:  ).
I was delighted that they wanted to correct the problem, and did it so quickly!
My favorite product is the pre-wound cotton bobbins in mass quantities...such a bargain! You can share with friends or supply a bobbin in class if needed. The cotton is "linty" (all cotton is!) but I like to brush out my bobbin area every time I'm in there anyway! And there are other bobbins with no lint at all, too.
They also have a highly amusing and informative monthly newsletter.

If only all businesses would remember that the customer they have is worth keeping!
I wish the "big box" stores would learn from these vendors. Just because they can offer discount pricing due to large volume doesn't mean they should cut customer service. Or offer phony "service"....when when the cashier asks if I found "everything", I have already decided to go home and order online (or live without) what I could not get help with out there on the floor somewhere.
(NOTE to Cashiers...this is NOT your fault! I am amazed at what The Company Office demands of you, pushing special offers etc etc when the customer just wants to pay and get going! I salute you for managing to be pleasant at all, let alone remainining upright!).

For Shayla fans:
Where's Shayla? I could not find her anywhere. But she was nearby, just being amused by my efforts to see if she was under the futon.

Yes, that IS the basket of batiks that I keep in my office! Usually I have something on top so she can't get in this was an opportunity not to be missed!
How do cats know these things? (that was a rhetorical question, Dear Readers!)


Pat said...

I knew Superior Threads just had to be a Superior company to do business with. I subscribe to their newsletter and Bob the Thread Guy comes across as such a nice person. He's the owner.

Most times we hear about bad experiences with businesses, so it was nice to hear the good, for a change!

Meggie said...

Haha! Gotta love that Shayla! Leave no opportunity to go begging a cat always says! Very interesting about the cottons.
Happy 2010, filled with joy & success!.xx